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Callaway power Willett Tour title of the German girl

Callaway staff Danny Willett at the weekend to win his first European Tour, the latter was seen off Marcus Fraser in the playoffs at the BMW International Open.

Level, finishing 11 under par, two at the 18th hole and then solve the four previous Sheffield, born in Willet's final sealing tap sensation trigger shot at a win-win.

Sun point three British, who had the lead, completed the top ten is an impressive 19 times, not previously managed to get his first win.

Willett's key to success is his Arsenal karaoke Viagra club, including one of the original RAZR Eagle, the RAZR series is suitable for a fairway wood and the RAZR X muscle back irons.

He's brilliant around the greens is aided by the fabulous Forged Wedges also depend on the Odyssey Black Series # 1 putter and HEX Black Golf 24-year-old.

Willett now turned their attention to open eligibility, he will hope his wonderful form in Zhou Yining hill and dale.

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