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Callaway launch of their new the high the RAZR X HL Irons

Callaway's name, I think a lot of sports fans know it, especially golf. Callaway Golf's success is attributed to 卡拉威伊利 modest company into a world power. Callaway Golf Company is a leading manufacturer of golf clubs in the United States. Callaway has about one-third of USgolf equipment market, its annual sales, dwarfing several of its recent competitors. In addition to the driver, Callaway also makes a putter and golf license Callaway Golf apparel manufacturer Ashworth by wear

The past before 2011, Callaway released their new high  of RAZR X HL irons, women made the same irons. Both are the same suit, but the performance, women's Razr X HL irons than the beautiful people, the better for the ladies taste. Unmatched performance, Callaway RAZR X HL irons to create a strict lens, shorter putts and lower scores. New high precision, distance and forgiveness, RAZR X of HL irons have a low center of gravity, so that players can start shooting higher, the impact of even low-Face, golf flight for longer, landed on the greens soft .

Today, most irons is designed to maximize distance, forgiveness, or the feeling of a particular performance advantages at the expense of all other critical areas need to play more green. Cheap golf club set to play always close and shoot lower scores, players need to be able to make the golf course from all regions of the lens. RAZR's technology makes the sweet spot more than a lower impact, access to most players tend to hit the ball. Who want to own a set of substitution RAZR X HL hybrid players can also customize the settings options. This is why the RAZR's technology is a breakthrough. This technology will lead to industry wide sole iron distance and forgiveness, while retaining the advantages of playability and turf interaction design the next generation of only a thin iron iron.

The technology of Callaway RAZR X HL irons Key Features RAZR RAZR technology transfer, low center of gravity, through the redistribution of weight in the back cavity deeper, providing accuracy and playability of the thin width of only the strength of iron and forgiveness are the only iron

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